The Thing That Wouldn’t Go Away: History’s Playback and the Mason-Dixon Line

Trump’s election loss drew forth some interesting parallels with a historical event. During the late 1600s, James II of England was enamored of the French king, Louie XIV. You could call it jealousy, because Louie XIV got his way, whereas James II did not. Frustrated, he did try to get his way, only to find himself embarrassingly removed from kingship, a moment in history known as the Glorious Revolution.

Enter the Trump-Putin connection. That Vladimir Putin has been in power in Russia since the year 2000 must burn Trump deep at heart, because that’s what he wants: full and continuous reign over the United States of America, for as long as he can get his piggy-little hands on it. He wants to be like Putin. But America, like England at the time, isn’t having it. Curious, because it’s not just about massive egos and megalomania, it’s also about — you guessed it — the ugly, butt-headed institution of religion.

James II was ousted because of his Catholicism, but is that why Trump was ousted, because of religionism? In a way. The Bible-Belt South thinks Trump is a god, mainly because he’s done to the country what no other Republican has done: he’s brought into the open how much they truly hate the rest of the world. “Dark and terrible as is this picture, I hold it to be strictly true of the overwhelming mass of professed Christians in [slave-state] America.” — Frederick Douglass.

In truth, whatever Trump really believes is potentially irrelevant; what he knows is that there’s money and power in riling up these bible-belt confederate types. With a mouth like his, he’s able to seize bible-belt hatred and push it into everyone’s face with abandon. Which is odd, because really, he had plenty of money and power before he became president, so why does he do it? He’s got his ego to feed, of course, but it seems nearly that he’s some sort of Joker-type who just wants to watch the world burn.

As it stands, Trump’s state of mind represents Republican America, which he’s been diligently able to define by drawing into focus the metaphorical/literal Mason-Dixon line, setting the stage for the future problems he hopes to incite. It’s lucky that in America we can make a one term president out of sad people like this, but it’s this same system that has him at it again, thinking he’s going to be president again (he thinks he still is). The man is delusional but really, it’s dangerous, as January 6, 2021 has shown. James II went into exile, which was good for England, keeping them safely out of the clutches of Catholicism and the pope, but for America, Donald J. Trump, like stinky religion itself, is the “thing that wouldn’t go away.”

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China’s CCP Virus Strikes Again

California now requires everyone in the state to wear face masks, period of time: indefinite.

China has brought America to its knees and now, we have a faceless society.

America: “We’re going to sanction you.”

China: “Hahahahaha, who’s laughing now, hahahahahaha…”

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Election Days: Incoming

In light of the coronavirus threat, the push for mail-in voting has America’s leader in a huff-puff. He’s worried about losing! It’s hard to imagine why? Fear is based on the notion that mail-in votes can be manipulated and forged, presumably by the opposition party (or just plain pranksters), which can only mean one thing: Russia to the rescue!

Vladimir Putin smiles deliciously at the thought
of helping President Trump get re-elected.

The confounding part is that Russian interference, unto itself, is not enough to get a president elected. People have to vote, and so it’s a little troublesome envisioning the populous which seeks to return people like Donald Trump to the most influential power position in the entire world.

Trump voters stand for truth, justice, and the American way at Michigan’s state capitol.

What went on in 2016? To think that, for the amount of votes it takes to elect a president, if this is how matters stand so far as what it means to be an American, the country has some rough waters to tread through.

President Trump engenders the disabled vote by performing his impressions
of disabled people on the campaign trail.

There can be nothing joyful to glean from a pandemic that obliterates the livelihood of millions, and thus to gloat in the notion that the only thing Trump can brag about has been decimated would be a shameful thing. As the president’s beautiful economy plunged into the abyss of destruction, the man must’ve been suffering nightmares galore. In the wake of the catastrophe there is one thing that emerges with certainty: the president is not a people-person, much less does he know the least about unifying during times of distress. These are concepts of humanity that do not come to the capitalist pig, and make no mistake, Trump is a capitalist pig.

No one knows what President Trump sees in the mirror, but it is common knowledge what the general public sees when he makes his appearances.

Trump’s current push to demand that churches be opened, because America “needs more prayer,” is one of the more mind-bending aspects of the phenomenon that is Donald Trump as president. He once touted his opinion of shit-hole countries, places that are full of people in need of prayers like an American couldn’t imagine, and yet he’s on the mode of threatening governors for not allowing churches to operate. But this is explained in the obvious: he needs the church vote, he doesn’t know one damn thing about the mission churches are supposed to uphold in lending a helping hand to the poor people of so-called shit-hole countries.

With Vice-President Biden taking on a woman for a running mate, in connection with a country in which the economy is still in shreds, replete with Trump’s callous ineptitude for unifying a broken population, to think that President Donald Trump will get re-elected just seems utterly preposterous. But then, the very notion that he got elected in the first place allows room for serious contemplation in and of itself, so I guess it’s true, truth is stranger than fiction.

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The Beaches Will Be Open (It’s Only a Pandemic)

Parallels between the movie Jaws (1975) and the current presidency are something to consider.

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Leadership, Planning, American Nightmare

Please read:

Please read:

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