China’s CCP Virus Strikes Again

California now requires everyone in the state to wear face masks, period of time: indefinite.

China has brought America to its knees and now, we have a faceless society.

America: “We’re going to sanction you.”

China: “Hahahahaha, who’s laughing now, hahahahahaha…”

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Election Days: Incoming

In light of the coronavirus threat, the push for mail-in voting has America’s leader in a huff-puff. He’s worried about losing! It’s hard to imagine why? Fear is based on the notion that mail-in votes can be manipulated and forged, presumably by the opposition party (or just plain pranksters), which can only mean one thing: Russia to the rescue!

Vladimir Putin smiles deliciously at the thought
of helping President Trump get re-elected.

The confounding part is that Russian interference, unto itself, is not enough to get a president elected. People have to vote, and so it’s a little troublesome envisioning the populous which seeks to return people like Donald Trump to the most influential power position in the entire world.

Trump voters stand for truth, justice, and the American way at Michigan’s state capitol.

What went on in 2016? To think that, for the amount of votes it takes to elect a president, if this is how matters stand so far as what it means to be an American, the country has some rough waters to tread through.

President Trump engenders the disabled vote by performing his impressions
of disabled people on the campaign trail.

There can be nothing joyful to glean from a pandemic that obliterates the livelihood of millions, and thus to gloat in the notion that the only thing Trump can brag about has been decimated would be a shameful thing. As the president’s beautiful economy plunged into the abyss of destruction, the man must’ve been suffering nightmares galore. In the wake of the catastrophe there is one thing that emerges with certainty: the president is not a people-person, much less does he know the least about unifying during times of distress. These are concepts of humanity that do not come to the capitalist pig, and make no mistake, Trump is a capitalist pig.

No one knows what President Trump sees in the mirror, but it is common knowledge what the general public sees when he makes his appearances.

Trump’s current push to demand that churches be opened, because America “needs more prayer,” is one of the more mind-bending aspects of the phenomenon that is Donald Trump as president. He once touted his opinion of shit-hole countries, places that are full of people in need of prayers like an American couldn’t imagine, and yet he’s on the mode of threatening governors for not allowing churches to operate. But this is explained in the obvious: he needs the church vote, he doesn’t know one damn thing about the mission churches are supposed to uphold in lending a helping hand to the poor people of so-called shit-hole countries.

With Vice-President Biden taking on a woman for a running mate, in connection with a country in which the economy is still in shreds, replete with Trump’s callous ineptitude for unifying a broken population, to think that President Donald Trump will get re-elected just seems utterly preposterous. But then, the very notion that he got elected in the first place allows room for serious contemplation in and of itself, so I guess it’s true, truth is stranger than fiction.

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The Beaches Will Be Open (It’s Only a Pandemic)

Parallels between the movie Jaws (1975) and the current presidency are something to consider.

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Leadership, Planning, American Nightmare

Please read:

Please read:

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Global Pandemic: Covid-19 and Accountability

Let’s be blunt about this: Planet Earth is getting smacked upside the head by novel coronavirus Covid-19. World markets are crashing, large and small businesses are collapsing, and people are dying, etc. The likes of this kind of world-scale disaster are supposed to be a part of our history books. Everyone knows about that old Black Death, how it killed nearly half of the population…but…that was in the past. We live in a modern society now, don’t we? Even the Spanish Flu is considered ancient history and yet, here we are, a globally affected species scrambling to salvage life as we know it.

But there is something strange going on in between the lines. In this modern age, the causes of a potential outbreak are readily known. Without being technical, I remember as a child being told to make sure to wipe down the cutting board after use, because we have things like “botulism” to worry about. That was in 1978, nearly fifty years ago, which means at that time it was a matter of common knowledge, the presence of potential disease. Taking into account tiny organisms that can kill have been a part of human living for at least a hundred years, so why are we facing a pandemic that is set to destroy the lives of millions?

No doubt, the subject of animal farming is contentious: some people love their barbecues and others love the animals themselves. We all know the ideological dilemma, but this is not the concern of the United States Department of Agriculture – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA/APHIS). So far as the efficacy of this institution is concerned, much can be argued, but it must be stated that its very existence, along with state and local health departments across the board, have served Americans at the most fundamental level. Animal farms have their problems, but there is regulation in place; at best, the problems within these spaces could be infinitely worse than they are; they’re profane shit-sties, but they’re hygienic profane shit-sties.

Where does that leave us with regard to our current predicament? It leaves us with pointing fingers, that’s where. It’s unfortunate but it’s not going away. An unregulated meat market rife with the markers of a rampant lack of hygiene is a breeding ground for infectious disease. What is frustrating is that we already went through this approximately ten years ago, and yet, within the spaces where a thing like SARS developed, the practice of gross hygienic negligence was allowed to continue. Now we have a virus on the loose that puts SARS to shame.

And we know the reasons for all this. Do I really need to describe the nature of some of these market places? But if I’m not going to burden myself with the task, I will, at the very least, give my opinion: They’re fucking disgusting and it makes me sick that an observational human being in a position of power would allow these insanely unsanitary practices continue. It’s not like the spread of disease is unknown.

But if we have to put up with this nonsense because of “culture,” then if a deadly outbreak occurs as a result, accountability should be involved. Especially if lives are being lost. In fact, loss of life should lead to charges of straight up manslaughter, or genocide if the problem escalates.

California was one of the first states to initiate a state-wide lock down, because it’s understood that Covid-19 is not only extremely dangerous, it’s highly contagious. That I live in California, close enough to be exposed to the virus where it’s been detected, I’m just furious that I’m having to deal with this nonsense, originating from some sick market overseas; furious because I’m not altogether certain I can recover if I contract the disease. I have life to live and coronavirus threatens everything. It’s angering, the problem wasn’t something unknown, and now I’m dealing with it on the most personal level, let alone my family members of whom deserve none of this preventable nightmare.

For all the notions of war with some foreign country, it’s obvious that biological warfare is the way to bring a country to its knees. And make no mistake, America is suffering, even as I write these horrendous words. It’s been said and I agree that the Asian community should not suffer from the fact of knowing that the virus originated in Wuhan; but it’s the governmental regulators who allowed markets of disgust to flourish who should be held accountable for the mass deaths of people.

[And at the atheism vs. supernaturalism/religionism debate, it’s sickening to think that the Pangolin, the animal suspected to be a part of the root of Covid-19, was trafficked for its presumed supernatural properties of “healing” of all things, gah!]

Additional information about accountability:

I love many things about China and I can’t wait to include it in my plans for travel; at university, I shared living spaces with people from China and the experience was very enjoyable. I guess you could say, right now I’m conflicted and certainly disappointed, but as they seem to be saying, “We’ll get through this together.”

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