Fascist Pigs

The NWO wants to control people so that the flow of money will go in one direction: to them. They don’t mind if people have little scribbly amounts of pocket change, but when someone starts having money, they want to know why and how, so they can take it for themselves. The country seems free because everyone has barely enough to survive. “Let them live like they think they are happy, so we can live in extravagance.”

People do rule the world, and they don’t want others to have anything worthwhile because they are Fascist Pigs. Walk down a street in any large city and tell me how many homeless people are roaming around because they can’t get a foothold on anything. I’ll tell you how many: millions. The government would just assume round them up for slaughter if it were for the jerks who scream about humanity.

Look, it’s a an oil company rep:

Think the price of gas will go back down? Forget it. Once these greedy bastards push the price up, it might slide back down a few pennies, then woomp!…you’re fucked. Your paycheck didn’t go up, but your gas bill sure as goddamn hell did, that and your rent. Think your landlord gives two shits about it? Hahahaha, those bastards would just assume grind you into meat tablets with the homeless if it weren’t for the rent money they’re jacking from you. Think life is any different from when the Indians lived off the land and were slaughtered? It isn’t. Nothing is better, just seems that way because the Fascist social machine keeps thinking about themselves and no one else, proven by the mass overload advertising shoved up everyone’s ass on a daily basis: “buy mine, buy mine, buy mine, buy mine…”

Seems like a lovely world, as long as you don’t have to look at the crud that pervades it.

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