Top 11 Ways to Pick Up On Girl of Interest

11. Approach her during lunch time and tap dance in front of her while singing aloud, professing your deepest love.

10. Plunge headlong into her, then demand dinner as restitution.

9. Have your lawyer contact her with an intriguing contract proposal for lifelong friendship and more.

8. Have a friend follow you from a distance in a pair of white shorts holding a bow and nerf arrow. When you’ve spotted your love approaching, have him fly by the both of you when you’re about to pass her so he can fire the arrow into her chest. As he runs off, implore how the fates have decreed love.

7. Learn everything you possibly can about her, then introduce yourself one day as a prospective mate stating that to your advantage, you know all the intimate details of her life.

6. Notify as many people possible within and without her social group that you are in love until she finally hears about it herself, so that she will then approach you.

5. Buy a caveman outfit, walk up to her, grab her hand and pull her to dinner.

4. Abduct her then tell her you are saving her from a top secret experiment conducted by the government; bombard her with this information until she realizes only you can save her.

3. Insist to her the possibility that in a previous life, the two of you were passionate lovers.

2. Present to her a massive collage of photos of her with a photo of you in center with bubbling hearts of love rising from your head. This non-verbal approach will tell her immediately how to think of you.

1. Drop on your knees before her, close your eyes tight, hold an engagement ring above your head, and blindly ask her to marry you.

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