On Tom Sullivan

When I first listened to the Tom Sullivan show, I was interested, probably because I enjoy talk radio. Then one day, he bashes the Atheist community. He talks about some incident sparked by an atheist citizen and instantly dubbs him a “whacko.” He doesn’t know the person and there is no mention of an arrest being made, but since this citizen is doing what is supposed to be admired in America, to speak freely under the protection of the constitution, big bad Tom Sullivan labels him a whacko because he doesn’t like how the man thinks. Any time an Atheist does something in the community that begs a measure of thinking, I am to understand that Tom Sullivan will label him a whacko.

A few months later, I happen across his station in time to listen to him comment on the budget deadline crisis. A young man with a family then calls in and politely tells Mr. Sullivan that he hopes the federal pell grants are not threatened. Well, this comment sparks a frenzy up Mr. Sullivan’s butt and he, along with his regular-listener cronies, begin to chastise the crap out of this young man under the pretense that he must be some lazy slob getting a free ride. Way to go Sullivan. Sullivan remarks that he himself worked while going to school…but when was that, when school was $50 a term? The rates have changed. The cost plus books is astronomical. In addition, real estate around any school is like a shark frenzy on innocent students. Paying rent while paying for school while paying for children is serious. What…does Tom think most students don’t already work? I should know, I just graduated, and everyone works just as I did, but the checks are a joke in comparison to the costs.

The pell grant is designed to help students get through school and students are required to perform or the grant is removed. The grant is a way of helping people, and guess what, I pay into that as a taxpayer now just like anyone else. If I had schooled part-time, getting through would have taken a ridiculous amount of time; being full-time took me five years at that! Five years at 12k a year just for tution! Add the astronomical rent and the financial picture becomes clear.

People are greedy, they don’t want to help others. Sullivan seems like the type who probably kicks homeless people when others aren’t looking, God forbid he help the man, he’s got to keep his money locked tight away, oh the precious money. And heaven help the homeless man who is an Atheist because ol’ Tom Sullivan would probably not only kick him, but declare like a good Christian that he’s going to Hell for being some kind of whacko.

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