World & Travel Not Safe

The time when we thought the world was a safe place is gone. The best advice anyone can take is stay in their homes. A walk to a local 7-11 might be the safest bet for an afternoon of recreation.

Thinking about flying? Change those plans. This is because the world itself is spiraling out of control. Boats can’t float anymore and planes can’t fly; people are dying. It’s been said that flying is actually safer than traveling by car, but the truth is, nothing is safe anymore.

Traveling, even just living, is a danger in society, especially with the growing rise of human to human attacks. The world is an organism and has been taking note of human activity, a scorecard that reveals how the points are working against human favor.

Now that the global economy has naturally sprung its trap, the world is no longer safe. Best thing to do is to begin preparing to live out life within the walls of your home, for as long as the mortage is paid, then prepare for life tucked away in a tent somewhere, a place where it’s safe. Though such a place is, at this point, non-existent.

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2 Responses to World & Travel Not Safe

  1. Wow – I can wait a while for my trip now :-0

  2. phtasmagoria says:

    Indeed. There might be videos that make it seem like you’re vacationing.

    Try BlueRay HD for maximum effect.

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