Tom Cruise: Religion & Family

The acting of Tom Cruise has gone down in history as representative of the American success story as well as his movies the prototype for blockbuster film making. Such a story should amount to the respect he has earned, but leave it to religion to cramp his style. As religion has done throughout the centuries, all that science defying, witch burning and suicide bombing, it continues in the additional tradition of breaking up families. If there isn’t a crazier religion than Scientology to represent the insanity of religion itself, then the world has yet to be further amazed.

The real question is: How can a man so intelligent and talented allow his religious beliefs to divide his family? This, as the world knows, is what will happen if Tom doesn’t make a decision.

In light of a religion that boasts private cruises upon which ceremonies are performed amid the secrecy of the sea, that Katie is worried for her daughter is understandable. Such ceremonies remind one of the occult practices and their Luciferian chants, and Katie is right in filing for divorce if Tom can’t keep his religious ideas out of the faces of others, especially his own daughter. But is Tom really to blame?

What does it sound like when some really intelligent guy thinks up a bunch of rules and sayings and dictums based on mythical philosophies of the spirit? What does it resemble when these attributes attract mass followers while subsequently raking in millions of dollars to further the cause? Mind manipulation is a dangerous thing, especially if it can hook guys like Tom Cruise, and the world must know, any form of religious dogma sits at the apex of perfected mind manipulation.

Tom Cruise may be a victim of religion, but he is smart enough to make a decision. Or is Katie beyond retrieval? Either way, the heartbreak lies in yet what another mutated form of religion has done to an innocent family.

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