Christian Machine, Same Guys from 60 Years Ago

Here they are, the ancestors of the civil rights era:

Given the nature of the age, they’re not allowed to perform lynchings anymore, but what if…

People who organize in support of polarizing and making life difficult for a particular group of people are the same types of people who made life so difficult for African Americans sixty years ago.

The issue now is that people think Chick-Fil-A has a right to believe what they want, and they do. Its when companies organize their beliefs to formulate and fund political machinery that discriminates or stifles the rights of others; that is wrong.

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6 Responses to Christian Machine, Same Guys from 60 Years Ago

  1. Lynchings, hangings, Jim Crow….redefining marriage for tax breaks. Yeah, those two are comparable. Have some respect from the victims of the past and compare apples to apples for once.

  2. boskolives says:

    I may be mistaken, but the way you wrote it I think you meant to say “here are the descendants”, not the ancestors.
    Keep at it, the Chick-fil-A action is just the latest in the big drive to bring us back to a very sad part of the ’50s in America.
    Jerry w

  3. phtasmagoria says:

    I haven’t mastered the art of rhetoric, maybe because of the heat the subject causes.

    At any rate, seeing how those people gathered was terrifying; I will undoubtedly keep at it.

    Thank You Jerry

  4. Good points, well made! I remember seeing a video of a pastor seemingly giving his views on how gay marriage is wrong, but then he reveals that he was actually using the same arguments that people used against civil rights decades ago, and that he was just showing how outdated and stupid these views are.

  5. phtasmagoria says:

    If it was a pastor revealing the connection, I applaud, though it can be frustrating when liberal Christians don’t see that essentially, the more that truth is revealed, the more it ultimately leads to Atheism.

    Thank for visit my blog, I wasn’t expecting that. I tend to blend the cognitively developed, ultra-serious with the derogatory here, but it helps me think when I see it all on the page.


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