Mars: Not So Marvelous

Mars 1

Mars looks glorious, because it’s alien. Scientists marvel and study the planet while the average citizen of Earth remains amazed that photographs have even been taken of the place. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could establish society in a way that recognizes the mistakes which have occurred on Earth? Sadly, the future looks bleak.

Mars 2

While it’s nice to speculate about space travel and the wonders it will bring, land developers and corporations don’t give two-shits about wonders, they care about the machine of money. The implication here is dreadful because make no mistake, people will live on Mars; the resulting factor will be the nonsense people will bring with. If you haven’t guessed where I’m going with this, then I will spell it out.

Mars 3

If religion gains a foothold on Mars, where will it end? Mankind’s first establishment away from Earth will be the entire Universe’s plunge into the abyss of ideological conflict. Not even a Black Hole would be able to swallow the problems that will initiate. I wondered when the first welfare check would be issued on Mars, but now my thoughts are much more grave.

I hereby initiate the Society for the Prevention of Religion in Space.

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6 Responses to Mars: Not So Marvelous

  1. stoptrippin says:

    I never would have thought about that had I not read this, so thanks for the perspective.
    Thanks for stopping by as well :)

  2. LEjames says:

    So was I.

    I clicked the like button at this post:

    So when you came by to thank me, I clicked the link next to your gravatar, and it led me to this website:

    I had to do some digging around to figure out what was happening. Maybe both webpages are yours, I don’t know.

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