Chatting With a Religious Computer

So I had a conversation with an online computer today. It was a first. I could have gotten more intensive with the matter but my time ran short.

Turing 2

Turing 4

Turing 3

After a while, “Fred” started answering my questions with questions, so I called him on it.


Turing 5

Imagine my surprise when I began asking questions about religion.

Turing 11

Turing 8

Turing 9

Turing 10

A bleak future lies in store for the world if religious robotic computers intend on taking over.

Turing 7

Okay, well I guess I’d better go find out what the Simon series is.

Turing 12

Chat with Fred if you’d like, find out what happens:

[Addendum: Downloading Java in order to interact with Fred the Online Computer caused a program called to insert itself into my browsers. I had to endure a frustrating process to remove the thing. Thanks Fred!!!!!]

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5 Responses to Chatting With a Religious Computer

  1. Brilliant. I would prefer a conversation with the Nietzsche computer, though! ;-)

    • LEjames says:

      Me too. Actually, what got me started was a question about why humans love, and Fred replied something about what a great “epistemological” question it was. At any rate, he couldn’t keep up…something about belief that does that I guess.

      Thank you!

    • makagutu says:

      Nietzsche’s robotic mind would challenge your world view in so significant ways you could give up in the process.

  2. makagutu says:

    I should try this conversation with We are simply done for if robots are religious.

  3. chicagoja says:

    Very funny – computers with a sense of humor.

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