Everywhere I go I find myself smothered in religious nonsense and it gets so damn old. When I came to this town the semester was already in progress and I needed a place fast; because I couldn’t afford a place of my own, I had to rent a room. From the ad I answered, the topic of religion was never discussed, why should it? The person I rent from is nice enough, but do I have to hear about God at the top of the lungs? Do I have to hear about life problems, and how, in order to have them solved, to “let go and let God”?  And is it necessary that I have to look at one of these every morning:


Since I’ve become an Atheist I’m overwhelmed with how intrusive the realm of religion is in my face. I have to continually act like I’m okay with it. Because I live with it, I have to accommodate. I guess I’m okay with the idea that I have no choice, I can always move, but the fact is, the entire town is this way. Churches are everywhere. So when I graduate, do I have to search and search for a place where religion is not in my face? The thought makes me all the more nauseous when I think of all the religious people occupying much of the government of my country!

Actually, I used to believe but I have come along way from those dark ages. Truth is, when I did believe, I had to force it; it was never natural. In fact, during my era of belief I once asked a fellow believer, “You don’t actually believe some guy parted the Red Sea do you?” He appeared to be with me on that one, but I digress. The prevalence of religion is now perverse to me. I see video-images of church sessions and my head spins in a daze and I feel like I could fall into a seizure of convulsions; it’s like kryptonite to Superman.

One thing I hear often is the religious maxim, “a non-believer is mad at God.” Me, I’m not mad at something that doesn’t exist, and I say that from the position that I will believe when someone proves the existence of the supernatural. No, I’m mad at fucking religious institutions for the way my head still reels with annoying feelings that someone is watching me, a feeling that is natural after having dealt with the scene from childhood. I’m annoyed that it’s this feeling that people like my roommate are immersed in of whom I have to accommodate in my actions. More so, however, I’m angry as hell for what a certain religious institution did to my mother, a woman of whom I still don’t know! Truth be told, religions are perturbing for the general and blatant diversion they pose to the truth of the world and the universe. My latest observation in this manner is the extent to which people take up the tools of science and Aristotelian argumentation to defend the myths of religion. WTF?

Do I ask that people stop practicing religion? In some ways, no; I have a serious soft spot for the Native Americans who practiced spiritual systems more than they did actual organized religion, people who got ram-roded from the conquistadors onward and more. I believe an apology is still due.

In most other ways, yes, religion should come to a close. Mythical stories should not be law-making platforms for modern society. Will humanist groups feed people in disasters? Yes. Will children have to be told death is part of the cycle of life, as in the Lion King? Probably. Whatever it takes for reality to come to fruition. One thing I am glad to hear of is the prevalence of Atheism in Europe. My hope is that the trend continues in America, to the extent that they finally get that crap off of the money I have to carry around.

I won’t feel guilty one bit about saying goodbye to the public-governmental propagation of Stone Age myth. I heartily look forward to the day when it’s been finally vanquished, reduced to the section of the library where it can reside for history studies. As to the active practice of religion and what it does to the minds of children, I have no mercy in my attitude, it is too difficult to find.


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13 Responses to Accommodationism

  1. john zande says:

    “The prevalence of religion is now perverse to me.” Nail, meet head.

  2. Angiedaweeze says:

    Free flow rant is fantastic. Until your Baptist relatives chime in…. Thanks for a relatable post.

  3. LEjames says:

    You’re welcome, I appreciate that you could relate as well. The aspect of family is a sensitive one. I have to think and write about the line between my tendency to militate and the respect I owe to the feelings of those I love, so that I can figure more of it out. I know this plays a role in society too, so the whole thing is really quite difficult to navigate (for both of us I’m sure).

  4. jayleemarie says:

    “No, I’m mad at fucking religious institutions for the way my head still reels with annoying feelings that someone is watching me, a feeling that is natural after having dealt with the scene from childhood.”

    Sadly, this is something I think everyone who was raised within religion and becomes acquainted with atheism later in life has to deal with, yet I don’t see it brought up and discussed as often as it occurs. We usually spend the majority of our time ranting and debating, and things like this don’t get mentioned.

    It’s because our minds have been conditioned to hold a desire for spirituality and recognize it, identify with it. Because it was bred in us so young, it’s cultivated itself into almost like an instinct, I’d say.

    Best of luck to you and all the rest of us dealing with this same shit.

  5. LEjames says:

    “…it’s cultivated itself into almost like an instinct…”

    Right, like it has a life of its own; only, it’s not real. So it’s like we have to go through the process of reconditioning, what a hassle. At least we’re aware of it and doing something about it.

    Thank you for taking the time to drop by.

  6. feelingblind says:

    I can tell from reading this that our thoughts on religion line-up pretty well. It’s a topic worth writing about too. In fact, I’m inspired to write another post after reading this one.

    • LEjames says:

      Cheers, progress requires action! Quite personally, I feel I may never be able to exhaust the subject.

      At any rate, I look forward to reading more of your work.

      • feelingblind says:

        There is a great deal to write about on the subject. I just posted something new, but I have a few older posts on the subject as well.

  7. shelldigger says:

    Ah, another enlightened soul. Good stuff, and thanks for the thumbs up!

    I will be back checking your stuff out…

  8. paarsurrey says:

    Reblogged this on paarsurrey and commented:
    Paarsurrey says:
    I think one’s obsession with religion continues though in a negative mode; now that one has left believing in a religion and got out of it not by any absolute sound reasons a vacuum has been created in one’s soul/self which atheism, having no solid foundation, could not fill it up; one is still obsessed by religion, in my opinion. Once one had left religion one’s normal behavior for religion and for those who follow a religion should have been of indifference.

    One has gone from a magnetic north pole simply to its south pole without a change in the psyche.

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