Evangelism by Probability: Capitalism & Your Soul

Bike Trail

As the photo implies, with my handle-bar-basket taking up space in the frame, I was riding my bike along a publicly designated path, getting my exercise and enjoying nature. Without warning and to my sudden surprise, lo and behold, I struck it rich!


Of course, I realized it was a prank.

“Evangelism by probability” is a method of attempted psychological coercion in which a religionist plants propaganda in a public space in consideration of the chances that someone will come along, find the message, and act accordingly.

Million Dollar Bill

That this particular religious message is printed on the semblance of cash in an astonishingly large amount is revealing. The message is actually more of an imperative in which the reader is urged to consider, that he or she may be going to hell. The conclusion I am drawing is that the church is running out of money, so what better way to collect cash than to threaten people with hell so they can empty their pockets.

Propa 1

Propa 2

While the content of the message can clearly be philosophically skewered, the final comment is a gem for its prize dogmatism. Because that’s the way religion operates, it has to smack people around, keep ’em obedient (to keep the cash flow coming in).

What to do with this lovely phony bill?

1. Frame it, heed the message, and get my ass to church.
2. Flush it down the toilet.
3. Use it to ignite my barbecue.
4. Make origami.
5. other

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13 Responses to Evangelism by Probability: Capitalism & Your Soul

  1. They have very limited space on that bill to say anything and what they choose to tell you is that you’re bad and you’re going burn unless you follow our dogma. How is that not like what the mafia would do?

    • LEjames says:

      Thank you for posting, and I totally agree, it’s extortion via cognitive manipulation. The passing of the collection plate has to be one of the most thrilling moments for every pastor and priest come Sundays around the world.

  2. chicagoja says:

    Frame it, but as a reminder of what not to do.

    • LEjames says:

      But how will I resist the tantalizing influence of its message?

      It might look good with my collection of Schwarzenegger and Clinton bills, though.

  3. I’d opt for 5. Other. Maybe you could ask them why they think of money as a metaphor. Is it because they think that is the best way to get your attention? Or is it because that is the way they value their message?

    • LEjames says:

      Excellent questions. If they can’t get people to listen by virtue of the message alone, there’s always the lure of money. I mean, I have to admit, for a second I thought I saw a twenty dollar bill.

      It could have been me!

  4. makagutu says:

    Frame it for use every time an evangelist comes knocking. You show it to them and tell them you already know the message and could they please turn around and leave you well alone!

  5. john zande says:

    Are you serious, they leave these things lying around? How odd.

  6. LEjames says:

    Stay tuned!

    I had to look up Gurdjieff. He is a man described as “an influential spiritual teacher of the early to mid-20th century who taught that most humans live their lives in a state of hypnotic ‘waking sleep.'”

    Those metaphysical guys really get down with their metaphysics, eh?

  7. feelingblind says:

    On one hand, this is hilarious. On the other hand, it’s frightening that people actually believe this.

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