Ideological Spats, American Leaders, War Hungry?

The impulse on behalf of American leadership to participate in war, as usual and in spite of public opinion, is perverse. Religionist ideologues are going to have their wars, no matter what the rest of us think. Why drag America into war because of it?


The McCains and Kerrys and Obamas who are geared up to do paltry things like drop bombs in Syria, are people who for some reason think it is acceptable to do so. Why not full scale invasion then? Their motives are difficult to pinpoint, phony motives such as “American interests” and the infamous “red line” that was crossed, but these are not the whole story. The perennial “America is the world’s police officer” is a little closer to the truth, but who voted for this title? We didn’t get involved in WWII until we were literally attacked by a standing military. Armies were cut clear back in the day. In modern times the ideologues blend enemies with friend and vice versa. America’s interest in these matters is non-existent, with the exception of saving Obama’s precious little reputation, but still, this can’t be the entire story.

America’s desire to police the world has an imperialist undertone, pure and simple.

The message I get from Britain and much of American society is, STAY THE FUCK OUT OF SYRIA. The McCains, Kerrys and Obamas, contrarily, are on a different plane of thought. Maybe they see things in the world we don’t; but I sure as hell know what it means when America sticks its nose in the business of others. It means Americans die, unnecessarily. To think religious ideology plays a gargantuan role in all this, is sickening.


Ironically, though the pope has it only in part, he is correct in his assertion, “‘I cannot understand who gave the United States or France the right to act against a country in a way that will certainly increase the suffering of the citizens of that country, who, by the way, have already suffered beyond measure,’ he was quoted as saying in the interview, the text of which was released by a Vatican-affiliated spokesman” (Source). Of course, one must remember that the pope is generally worried about Syrian Christians, or Christians in whatever part of the world; this is his main motive. He maybe anti-war, but he, as a member of the Catholic Church, thinks the entire world should be bowing to the “one true church,” that is the mentality of a Catholic.

In my opinion, however, the suffering of the citizens of Syria won’t be the only ones suffering as America goes prancing around with its warships, bombing people who behave badly. The war in Syria will wane out and die, or they will go on killing, but that is their way of life. When America gets involved, that way of life tends to permeate ours.

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8 Responses to Ideological Spats, American Leaders, War Hungry?

  1. john zande says:

    If anyone should be throwing fire around it should be the Saudi’s. They have an interest in Syria, the US doesn’t.

    • LEjames says:

      Precisely, they’re in the neighborhood, they know the scene. If the use of chemical weapons is a world concern, participants of the world should congregate, unite and act. Having the U.S. act alone with its own warships is bullshit.

  2. So, what would your reply to a dictator that uses chemical weapons against his people be? Silence?

    • LEjames says:

      United world action, if everyone is so concerned. Action by America alone only serves to generate and foster the ongoing “hatred of America” maxim, which always gets thrown in our face.

      • Oh, yes, that will work pretty fine, because russia and china are so bent on stopping their dictator friends and of course it’s easy to blame others. How very comfortable that other people prevent you from actually having responsibility.

  3. LEjames says:

    Who am I blaming? Russia and China can go fuck themselves. Contrarily, our so called “allies” perpetually dump this stuff on us, so that it is we, me, who has to dress up my twenty year old sons and daughters to go entangle themselves in Middle-East ideological nonsense when they opt to join the military. Ever see the list of American military deaths at the end of every PBS Newshour show? It goes on and on and on and on. And what happens when these interventions are over? The regions split into sectarian suicide-bombers squads that never stop.

    These people want world war. Gassing people isn’t about gassing people per se, it’s about provocation, sparking greater conflict, inflicting whole scale harm through the weapon of ideology.

    Oddly enough, videos of Syrians on PBS even say they don’t want America interfering, but you know, the mask of “responsibility,” it will cover for the U.S. hunger to imperialize, with its hopeful thinking that these places can become democracies, but how does that work in an ideologically driven society? It doesn’t. Hence the end result is entanglement and more American deaths.

  4. Charity says:

    Personally, I don’t think the U S government is using the guise of religion to start a war in Syria because they know W overplayed that card. What I have heard is the whole “What about the children?!” speech to tug at our heart strings. Personally, I don’t necessarily believe that Syria did this to their own or if they did, they didn’t do it by themselves. Trust me, there’s got to be a financial gain somewhere for the rich/political powers of the United States to want to engage in war in Syria . It may not be opium like Afghanistan, it may not even be for GE to profit from the use of their merchandise like they have in Iraq and Afghanistan, but somebody has something huge to gain from it. No one can even get a straight answer as to what was actually used in Syria’s chemical warfare or what the numbers of the wounded and dead actually are. Such statistics and information has varied significantly since the incident.

    I say to stay the hell out of Syria. I’m really disappointed in McCain, Kerry and in Obama in particular. What bull shit! Don’t talk to the public about peace, actually legislate it. He must have more to gain by going into Syria than anyone else.

    (Hey NSA, how ya’ doing? Tell your momma and dem I said “Hey!: :) )

    • LEjames says:

      Hi Charity,

      I agree with you. When I said “these people,” it was meant to denote the religious ideologues who hope for second comings, not the U.S. government.

      It is refreshing to hear your thoughts. The push for intervening war by the U.S. is despicable, and to see your angle helps with the perspective.

      Of course, with issues such as rebel in-fighting and the subversion of the cause, if over time this kind of sectarian splintering disrupts and spills over into greater regional warfare, then the U.S. will probably get dragged into it. It’s a mess, the fusion of international capitalist frameworks with the religions of the world!

      Thank You

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