Religionists and the Use of Logic

Goodman Meme

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13 Responses to Religionists and the Use of Logic

  1. By Greco-Roman argumentation, you just mean reason, right? Do you prefer the abandonment of logic?

  2. When the Hebrews wrote the book of Genesis they described a God who was logical and systematic.

    During the Middle Ages, the Catholic genius Saint Thomas Aquinas melded Greek reasoning with Christian faith.

    So the atheist Thought Police is at least 800 years too late to lay claim to reason, something they wouldn’t know if came up to them and blew their nose.

    The ability to reason is an endowment from God to the human being.

    We don’t need to get permission from atheists to use our God-given minds.

    • LEjames says:

      “When the Hebrews wrote the book of Genesis they described a God who was logical and systematic.”

      What verse are you referring to?

      “The ability to reason is an endowment from God to the human being.”

      Is there any way this can be explained without having to refer to this higher being in the third person?

      • LEjames,

        I am referring to the creation story mainly. But in all of God’s interactions with the Hebrews he is reasonable, he listens, he changes his mind if the person he is communicating with reasons well and is convincing.

        Moses and Lot are two examples of people reasoning with God and getting Him to change his mind.

        The Catholics revere Mary, Jesus’ mother because she actually commanded Jesus to do her bidding (the Wedding Feast At Cana).

        God has great respect for reason and virtue.

      • LEjames says:


        It is difficult and yet quite the challenge to consider the viewpoint of someone who has as much faith in their religion as you.

        But I am curious, are your comments suggesting that you are not a Catholic?

      • silence of mind says:


        Since what I am telling you in answer to your questions is pure fact, my view point and my religion aren’t really pertinent.

        I don’t understand the viewpoint of atheists that makes it impossible for them to consider information that casts the Bible as a credible book of wisdom.

      • LEjames says:

        I think you are confusing the notion of “pure fact” with your personal opinion. And if you are using the adjective “pure” to make facts sound more factual, it may speak to a self-questioning you’re not aware of.

        I wouldn’t argue with the idea that Moses and Lot reasoned with God, but I would argue that these are characters in a book of which, it offers no credible material to suggest that the supernatural actually exists. In addition, the character of God may reason with these specific characters, but alternatively orders the genocide of entire other peoples. I don’t see reason functioning here.

        The Catholic viewpoint you mention comes from what is regarded as the one and only true church. If you are not Catholic, then why should your stance in favor of the Bible even be considered, if you are questioning the authority of the one true church?

        The credibility issue has been hammered out extensively. These two links alone are enough to get anyone started:

      • silence of mind says:


        What I said about the Bible is not my opinion. It is the opinion of the Academy, the Catholic Church and most Protestant denominations.

        You keep forgetting that I am not like you. I pursue knowledge of reality, not an agenda like atheism.

        That means I learned about the Bible from authoritative sources.

        Agenda-driven beliefs only acknowledge what supports the agenda. Everything else is ignored, discredited or demonized.

      • LEjames says:

        I certainly admire your tenacity, and I’m certainly glad you define their scholarship as opinion. (Exactly what is the “Academy”?)

        I do find it curious, though, that you drew my attention to the Creation Myth, went on to defend the Catholic Faith, only for me to inform that the Roman Catholic Church upholds the Theory of Evolution.

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