Atheism is Here Because of Religion, and the Internet

For those who feel that Atheism is the bane of society, it must be quite upsetting. Religion has had the run of the world for so long that to observe the rising tide against it must be, at the very least, a bit startling. The more that religion tries to squeeze power in its grasp, the more it slips away, but whose fault is it?

The argument for the existence of a higher power, as some have noted, is DOA. In fact, in the some of the circles I read of in my studies, discussing religion is like discussing the latest Led Zeppelin album, its kind of archaic. People don’t discuss the prospect of the supernatural because they know it’s a zone of redundancy. Of course people are entitled to believe what they want, this is the hospitable viewpoint, but where the discussion remains is where religion attempts to maintain its grasp. And yet, because the argument is redundant, this only means that the atheist angle has been over-argued, for decades and more. Religion did this to itself. No one else is to blame.

In some ways, one can look back on our old buddy, religion, and be thankful for the memories. All the stories of the supernatural, spawned from superstition, are surely some of the greatest. Where would storytelling be without the supernatural? In a bleak place. Let’s be sure, I’m not accommodating religion, allowing it a place to thrive: the stories we have are a part of the past, and we can rehash them in as many ways as we like. Let’s just say that, under these terms, the supernatural and the art of storytelling appear to go hand in hand.

But what about the progress of society? Religion is like a black acid rain that stifles the life of progress. Those who believe are doing fine, but what about their need to make others believe like them? This is inexcusable, primarily when it concerns enforcement by discrimination and the threat of beating and death.

Fortunately, the nature of science is objective, as is the Internet. Both are not bound to dogma; both are prime platforms for the person free from religion to breath. For me, this is necessary. My previous roommate was a harsh Catholic; my new neighbors are evangelists; my landlord is Islamic. All three never once asked what my beliefs were; all three, on the contrary, perpetually bring up and force the God figure into their conversations with me. They have no idea I am an Atheist.

Thus the Internet is my home for sharing how I feel, especially in being utterly surrounded by religion in too many ways to count. And with the Internet comes the gradual undermining of religion’s control, because it has been known for many years that the foundation of religion is based on religious texts, and those who preach from these texts. As long as the Internet exists, the power of religion will continue to be reduced, because readers can always access words that have never been articulated in ways as they are now. Words that poke holes in the stories of religious texts. Words that make sense, that require cognitive dissonance in order to refute. We can thank the previous Atheists for poking these holes, and we can continue to burn the trail for as long as the Internet space allows; that is, until the religionist learns a way to silence the Internet.

And of course, this all lays the perfect groundwork for the latest in Atheist memes:

Atheist Cat

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5 Responses to Atheism is Here Because of Religion, and the Internet

  1. Most importantly, the Internet has given us free porn.

  2. btyfrd says:

    That cat pic is killing me!!!!

  3. Mertavius says:

    Atheism is here because religion is accepting of it, if we were to have grew up around atheist beliefs the potential for abuse would be enormous and most likely probable.

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