Religion and Cultural Cleansing


When I read the words of religionists, I often marvel and wonder; sometimes I am amused and sometimes I even think on how I used to be, hearkening back to the days when I fought with Atheists at Beliefnet. My feelings about the world nowadays are certainly much different, much more cultivating of knowledge and fundamental humanness, with a spirit of enlightenment that flows through me like a breath of fresh air.

That being said, the words of religionists are sometimes chilling, in ways I could never be, even during my time as a magical thinker. In reference to the screen shot, I have forgotten why I pointed out a particular website, but the response was unsettling.

While I get the whole fear-of-end-times routine and the wish for people to “get right with God” jargon, when I encounter the rhetoric of a particular group singling out another, I can’t help but think about the Holocaust. Yes, it’s a strong term, but if we replace the group labeled as “homosexuality” with Jews and change the year to 1938, then what we have is a prefiguring to the aspect of ethnic cleansing. In the title to this post, I changed the language from “ethnic” to “cultural” because a homosexual can be any ethnicity, but I believe the concept still applies.

Here’s a video that pretty much encapsulates the horror and dread of what it means for one group of humans to single out another, where history pretty much tells us how matters ended up.

The eerie detail about the screen shot I posted is the pride which underscores the enthusiasm of the commenter’s proclamation. It is a suggestive call to arms that comes off as all the more frightful, because it is a very real point of view. To read this kind of thing in the modern age shows us how tied we are to the barbarity of the past, and the difficulties we face in reaching that point in which people no longer think like this.

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2 Responses to Religion and Cultural Cleansing

  1. john zande says:

    End times gibberish. Such people have serious and dangerous emotional (possibly mental) issues.

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